சுழன்றும்ஏர்ப் பின்ன துலகம் அதனால்
உழந்தும் உழவே தலை
-Sage Thiruvalluvar
Howe'er they roam, the world must follow still the plougher's team;
Though toilsome, culture of the ground as noblest toil esteem
-Sage Thiruvalluvar.



Green Belt Developer India Private Limited together with Green Belt Welfare Society will source like-minded individuals and integrate them to own one acre of undivided agriculture land in one location which will consist of hundreds of acres.


After analyzing various locations, subject to technical feasibility, number of integrates and other financial limits Green Belt Developer India Private Limited will conclude a location which will cover a minimum of hundred acres. Green Belt Developer India Private Limited will develop this land to suit Multi-Integrated Agriculture System and carry out cultivation and other agriculture related activities at the developed land for the benefit of integrates in a profitable manner.


Similarly the project will be developed in various locations across India and integrated together for the betterment of all integrates.


Having analyzed the technical feasibility for the present project, following locations were found to be suitable in Tamil Nadu and are under final stages of negotiation. Subject to commercial terms, the final location will be concluded in and around 50 kms of any one of the following areas within 90 days from the date of finalization of Integrates and their contributions.


Further we are confident that our revolutionary initiation will take giant arms.We are confident on implementing similar projects in hundreds of locations all over India.


Since, the entire land is procured in the name of The Integrates as undivided share of one acre per integrate, all the integrates are being bound by an irrevocable agreement for utilizing these land only for the purpose of agriculture and related activities for the next 99 years, the stability of the project is very high.


To facilitate the general public from different starta of society to take part in this concept and based on the project development, the contribution is scheduled over a period of 180 days.

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Considering the benefits, future and magnificence of the project we hope none will be interested in liquidating their undivided share. In case of unforeseen reasons if any one wishes to sell or transfer their undivided share they can do so at any time. In these transactions the existing terms and conditions as entered in the agreement by The Integrate also applies to the new integrate.

Alternatively, after 5 years, if requested by The Integrate, Green Belt Developer India Private Limited agrees to buy back the undivided share of The Integrate and pay the amount contributed by The Integrate along with simple nationalized bank interest deducting the profit earned and facilities enjoyed. However the same will be accepted only from 10% of integrates on first cum first basis every year.


Each project location will consist of one HIGH GREEN AWARENESS CENTRE, with a capacity to accommodate a few integrates' families at a time. The centre will also have facilities to conduct seminars, demonstrations, corporate gatherings, agriculture educational tours for schools, colleges, other educational institutions and events, which will generate revenue and enhance the image of the project.


Though considerably up to 150% profit is anticipated, a minimum 20% of an average three year profit is certainly agreed on the intended contribution. The same will be allocated to The Integrates and The Company based on the net profit generated in the following ratio.

% of profit earned Total profit earned Profit per integrate Fees for The Company
20% 25000 20000 5000
30% 37500 29625 7875
40% 50000 39000 11000
50% 62500 48125 14375
60% 75000 57000 18000
70% 87500 65625 21875
80% 100000 74000 26000
90% 112500 82125 30375
100% 125000 90000 35000
110% 137500 97625 39875
120% 150000 105000 45000
130% 162500 112125 50375
140% 175000 119000 56000
150% 187500 131250 61875

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In addition to sharing the profit earned from total proceeds, 10% of the net profit earned by each integrates per year will be accumulated as a corpus fund for future expansion of similar project in other viable areas, so that in due course of time, the next generation of the each Integrate will be in possession of the same extent of agriculture land for their food security.


Inadequate growth or under production due to insufficient rain, diminishing ground water table, heavy rain and flood:

With the team of experts efforts will be taken to ensure sufficient availability of water through water storage ponds and rain water harvesting system to support integrated agriculture,by implementing sophisticated irrigation methods. Crops that are best suited for the soil, weather conditions, ground water availability etc. will be cultivated and thus ensuring sufficient harvest.

Damages due to pest and others:

Our team of agriculture experts will provide adequate measures to safeguard the crops from pest and other animals. Further by cultivating different types of crops adjacently, the threat of pest and other insects will be minimised.

Damages due to unforeseen circumstances:

To reduce damages during unforeseen circumstances to negligible levels all the projects of this concept will be insured and integrated.


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