எப்பொருள் யார்யார்வாய்க் கேட்பினும் அப்பொருள்
மெய்ப்பொருள் காண்ப தறிவு
-Sage Thiruvalluvar
Though things diverse from divers sages' lips we learn,
'Tis wisdom's part in each the true thing to discer
-Sage Thiruvalluvar.

Frequent Questions and Answers:

1. What is food security?

Food security refers to the availability of food and one's access to it. A household is considered food-secure when its occupants do not live in hunger or fear of starvation & affordability.

2. Is there any immediate threat to food security in India?

Though the availability of food in India is sufficient, due to various reasons the affordability will be difficult for general public.

3. How the affordability of agriculture products can be ensured to the general public?

The affordability can be ensured through, doing agriculture directly by anyone or on their behalf and bringing the products or its proceeds directly.

4. What is Multi-Integrated Agriculture System?

Multi integrated agriculture system is execution of integrated agriculture system in larger area by likeminded individuals together in multiple locations and for multiple generations.

5. Whose brainchild is “Multi-Integrated Agriculture concept?

The unique and revolutionary agricultural concept “Multi-Integrated Agriculture Concept” is pioneered and developed by Green Belt Developer India Private Limited.

6. Who is Green Belt Developer India Private Limited?

Green Belt Developer India Private Limited is an Agriculture Development and Innovation company formed by like-minded and committed professionals with hands-on experience from varied streams of agricultural processes like farm production, logistics, distribution, storage, marketing etc.,

Green Belt Developer India Private Limited is working with a single point mission to bring about a positive change in food sustainability while ensuring sustainable revenue for likeminded individuals who join hands with it in their mission.

7. What is Integrated Agriculture System (IAS)?

Integrated agriculture system is the system in which agriculture is carried along with multi-disciplinary activities like dairy, fishery, horticulture, agri-forestry, seed production, vermiculture, nursery, and etc.,

8. How individuals get integrated for Multi-Integrated Agriculture System?

Green Belt Developer India Private Limited along with Green Belt Welfare Society will source the likeminded individuals and integrate them legally as integrates.

9. Who is Green Belt Welfare Society?

Green Belt Welfare Society is an NGO formed in 2004 with an object of protecting and developing environment through different techniques. Since this Multi-Integrated Agriculture Concept will full-fill the part of Green Belt Welfare Society’s object, Green Belt Welfare Society agreed to promote and co-ordinate the project for the benefits of integrates and public at large.

Green Belt Welfare Society will take the moral responsibility of forming the project management committee for executing the project in a profitable manner.

10. Who is Project Management committee & what is its part in the project?

The project management committee is the exclusive committee for every project which is formed by the Green Belt Welfare Society and will consist of a total of 10 members inclusive of one member representing the company, at least 5 members from the integrates and rest from the members of the society. In the event of no keenness of interest being shown in participating in the committee by The Integrates of a specific project, then The Society will form The Project Management Committee from within members of the society.
The PMC is authorized by The Integrates to conduct periodical internal audit to ensure transparency of the project, and PMC will convey / forward all the valuable opinions and suggestions of The Integrates to the executing company.
The PMC is empowered by The Integrates to take over the charges of the company & the society in case of their voluntary withdrawal or termination.

11. How Multi-Integrated Agriculture Concept is carried out in multiple locations?

With the mission of ONE ACRE ONE FAMILY, ONE LOCATION HUNDREDS OF ACRES, HUNDREDS OF ACRES HUNDREDS OF LOCATION, successful Multi-Integrated Agriculture Concept is carried out.

12. Why “ONE ACRE ONE FAMILY’ mission?

As per the food experts in India One acre of agriculture land is sufficient to cater the agriculture needs of a small family.

13. Is it possible to reap the agriculture benefits from only one acre of agriculture land?

Unless one acre of agriculture land is integrated with multiple variables it is not possible to reap the desired benefits from only one acre agriculture land.

14. Why “ONE LOCATION Hundreds of ACRES”?

A minimum of 100 acres is essential for implementing effective Multi-Integrated Agriculture System to gain maximum benefit.

15. Why Hundreds of acres in hundreds of location?

Hundreds of acres in hundreds location is necessary for integrating the locations, for reducing the risk of loss and also to facilitate integrates to avail facilities of all locations.

16. What are the benefits of Multi-Integrated Agriculture System?

It Increases
Input-output efficiency
The possibility of having different types of crops & enterprises
It Reduces
External inputs to the agriculture land
Cost of production
Cost of individual investment in technology
Cost of individual investment in engineering equipment.
Personal responsibilities
Risk of loss
It Provides
Clean environment
Resources for recycling
Income round the year
High green home amenities
And various personal benefits to the integrates

17. What are the personal benefits to integrates?

Though it is obvious to achieve Minimum 20% profit as passive income on the intended contribution, 150% of profit is possibile on successful implementation of Multi Integrated Agriculture System.

18. Apart from the passive income what are the other advantages to The Integrates?

· Maximum earning through minimum contribution
· High green home amenities, to get awareness on agriculture and other activities in and around  the project site.
· Prospective integrated agriculture system for the entire generation.
· Subject to feasibility products can be availed directly at lesser cost.
· High green home facility for better revenue generation.
· Tax benefit on agriculture income.

19. What are the possible sources of income in Multi-Integrated Agriculture System?

Sources of income through:
Short term agriculture, Cash crops, Diary , Fishery, Poultry, Long term plantation and etc.
Agriculture related activities via. Awareness camps for schools and other educational institutions, conducting seminars, exhibitions and etc.
Integrates personal gathering, corporate gathering and etc.

20. How the concept is executed?

After analyzing and short listing various locations Green Belt Developer India Private Limited along with Green Belt Welfare Society will source the like-minded individuals. Once the like-minded individuals are integrated, suitable location for a particular project will be procured as undivided land in favor of integrates. After procurement it will be developed to suit the multi integrated agriculture system. Green Belt Developer India Private Limited will carry out the cultivation & other agriculture related activities at the developed land and create suitable facilities for the benefit of integrates. Similarly the project will be developed in various locations across India and integrated together for the benefit of all integrates.

21. Why, only undeveloped land is sourced to develop Multi-Integrated Agriculture System?

Traditionally developed agriculture land will not be suitable for Multi-Integrated Agriculture System. The initial contribution on the undeveloped land will be an advantage for integrates.

22. What is the contribution schedule?

To facilitate the general public from different status of the society to take part in this concept, the contribution is scheduled, based on the project development within the span of 180 days.

23. What is capital contribution?

Contributions towards project integration, procurement of land, developing the land to suit the Multi-Integrated Agriculture System and infrastructure developments are called capital contribution of the project.

24. What is intended contribution?

Contributions towards procuring of agriculture farming requirements, and for multi-disciplinary activities like dairy, fishery, horticulture, forestry, seed production, vermiculture, nursery, agriculture engineering, execution workers’ wages, maintenance of High green homes, and etc., are called as intended contribution.

25. How the profit on the intended contribution is calculated?

The total revenue generated through Multi-Integrated Agriculture System will be treated as income for the project.  And total amount spent from the intended contribution will be treated as expenses of the project. The profit will be calculated based on the above income and expenditure account.

26. How the performance of the development agency is evaluated?

Based on the net profit generated through Multi-Integrated Agriculture System and net value of the multi-disciplinary activities at the site, the performance of the development agency is evaluated.

27. Who will maintain the account of the total project?

Green Belt Developer India Private Limited is empowered by The Integrates to maintain the complete account of the project and the total anual audited account will be submitted to the Project management committee and to The Integrates.

28. What is the profit sharing ratio between integrates and Green Belt Developer India Private Limited?

Based on the performance the profit will be shared between integrates and Green Belt Developer India Private Limited.

29. What are the plans to secure food for the future generations?

The Multi-Integrated Agriculture System binds all integrates to use the land only for agriculture and related activities for a minimum period of 99 year. Further a portion of integrate's profit share will be accumulated with the corpus fund for the procurement of equal area of Multi-Integrated Agriculture System in future.

30. Is the agriculture land already procured?

No. The land will be procured only after integration of The Integrates and will be registered in thier name directly.

31. Where the land will be situated?

Though it is planned to have the same in amid scenic environment & near to places of tourist interest, the priority will be given for the fertility and water resources in the area. Since the land is to be used only for agriculture purpose, no commercial aspect required to be considered.

32. Who will be the owner of the land ?

The complete land will be registered as undivided share in the name of The integrates of that project, therefore all the integrates are the owners of the land.

33. Why the power of attorney is necessary from integrates?

To protect all co-integrates interest and to ease the legal processes of purchase, agreements, representing authorities, for obtaining license etc..  power of attorney  is necessary from all the integrates.

34. In whose favor should the power to be executed?

The Power of Attorney should be executed by integrates in favor of Green Belt Welfare Society.

35. Can integrate sell their undivided share?

An Integrate can sell his/her portion of undivided share to any one at any time with the same terms and conditions as agreed.

36. Can anyone use this land for any other purpose other than agriculture and related activities?

As per the agreement, these undivided land has to be utilized only for agriculture and related activities by authorized development agency of integrates.

37. What is the purpose of high green homes?

Subject to feasibility High Green homes are constructed in the midst of agriculture land with all basic facilities. On the basis of reservation High green homes will be utilized exclusively by integrates to get awareness on agriculture and related activities in and around the project location. The same will also be used for the following purpose.

o Personal or family get together of integrates.
Educational, agriculture awareness tour for schools and other educational institutions.
Corporate gatherings.
Seminars, demonstrations, camps, exhibitions related to agriculture.
o and for any other agriculture related purpose which generates revenue and enhance the image and objective of the project.

38. Whether integrates will be charged for availing facilities at high green homes?

Since the entire high green home is belongs to integrates, there won’t be any rental charge for those who wish to avail personal accommodation facility for a period of three or four days in a year on reservation basis, however some nominal amount decided jointly by the developing agency and the Project management committee will be charged to cover the general maintenance and day to day expenses of the high green home.

For other activities like educational tours, family get together, corporate gatherings, seminar, exhibitions and etc., a nominal development charges will be charged for the benefit of the project. The same will be decided by the development agency.

39. Who will  decide on the unresolved issues between integrate and development agency?

All the unresolved issues between the integrates and the development agency will be addressed by Project management Committee for amicable solutions, however for those issues which are not settled between, will be decided by the arbitrator fixed for the project.

40. What are the responsibilities of developing agency on execution of the project after project development?

The developing agency will source and appoint the required experts, skilled workers, suitable technology and manage the day to day operation of the project on behalf of the integrates.  It will also maintain the high green home and its revenue generation system and execute the entire project in a profitable and transparent manner.

41. What are the constraints to the project and its remedy?

Inadequate growth or under production due to insufficient rain, diminishing ground water table, heavy rain and flood:
To ensure sufficient production, the crops that are best suited for the soil, weather conditions, ground water availability etc. will be cultivated.   By implementing sophisticated irrigation methods, the team of experts will ensure sufficient availability of water through water storage ponds cum fishing management system  and rain water harvesting system.
Damages due to pest and others:
Our team of agriculture experts will provide both adequate measures to safeguard the crops from pest and other animal. And further by cultivating different types of crops adjacently the threat of pest and other insects will be avoided.
Damages beyond unforeseen circumstances
To decrease the damages of unforeseen circumstances, further steps will be taken to integrate all the project lands which will reduce the percentage of damages to the negligible level.



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