சுழன்றும்ஏர்ப் பின்ன துலகம் அதனால்

உழந்தும் உழவே தலை
                                                                               Sage Thiruvalluvar

Howe'er they roam, the world must follow still the plougher's team;
Though toilsome, culture of the ground as noblest toil esteem

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The escalation of food prices and declining food production is a major concern for many countries across the globe. It is not merely an economic problem, but an inescapable complex issue that will have a lasting impact globaly in the days to come if it persists.

While the modern methods of agriculture and global trade opportunities are supposed to facilitate:

  • Increase in food production for the ever expanding population

  • Increase in quality of food production.

  • Improvement in the economic condition of farmers.

  • Exciting options of food for consumption

On the contrary, what we witness in our country is unimaginable increase in food prices, unheard levels of food scarcity, demand for quality food, shrinking production levels and declining quality standards. The crisis not only poses a threat to food security, but a serious threat to the existence and sustenance of small and efficient family farms, which are slowly being replaced by inefficient and unhealthy industrialized food systems managed by self-centered and commercial corporates. 

The need of the hour is an efficient, cost-effective, sustainable and profitable farming system. 

To achieve the same Green Belt Developer India Private Limited has innovated a revolutionary Multi-Integrated Agriculture Concept which ensures sustainable agriculture, economic transfer, food security for generations and benefits.

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